Online DCE-1 Examination Certification

The Dementia Care Expert Certification, DCE was initiated by the Japanese Society for Dementia Care in Japan. Its purpose, is to certify individual’s competence, knowledge and skill in the field of dementia care science. Japan being the super aged country in the world has championed dementia care techniques and knowledge. Its expertice has been lauded and seen as a model for the age care continuum globally.
The rapidly ageing society in Asia and the high demand for qualified dementia health care provider, prompts the International Federation for Dementia Care (IFDC) to carry out this examination and certification abroad through its member orgainzations. In the Philippines, it is handled by The Society for Gerontology Nurses and Carers of Asia, SoGeNCA with GIMS Philippines.

Japan and the member countries of the IFDC encourage you to boost your credentials by taking the 2nd DCE Exam 2020. Either given offline or online.