GIMS Philippines Gets New International Accreditation

The Geriatrics Infolink Management Strategies (GIMS Philippines) and BAY Global Center for Healthcare Education representatives: Jiil Arsenal and Grace Yoshida were humbled upon by the endorsement of Dr. Alex Mercado the CEO of Asian Caregiving and Technology Education Centers (ACTEC) and the current president of  Technical Vocational Schools & Association of the Philippines (TEVSAPHIL)  to have both organizations be able to receive accreditation from the Royal Institution (RI) Singapore.

The endorsement leads up to the signing of Memorandum of Agreement entered upon By GIMS Philippines and BAY Global, respectively and  the Royal Institution (RI) Singapore in its Regional office in Manila on February 19, 2019. Also present during the signing were the RI Chancellor Dr. Samuel M. Salvador, Dr. Helen S. Molano and Dr. Mary Ann G. Roble.

The Royal Institution Singapore is a global, multidisciplinary, professional membership and accrediting institution that serves as a premier platform for smarter and more effective global networking, connecting business and opportunities, collaboration, perpetual learning and lifestyle.

This MOA will give the GIMS Philippines and BAY Global signatory of the agreement the authority to recommend and nominate deserving board of directors, officials, administration members and employees for individual membership of relevant Royal institutes. This will enhance the individuals’ career advancement opportunities because RI confers on its members a globally-recognized status, recognizes the experiences, contributions, skills, talents, qualifications and achievement of academicians, architects, businessmen, entrepreneurs and other professionals and individuals who deserved to be  recognized.

Royal Institution Pte Ltd, also known as Royal Institution (RI), Singapore was incorporated in 2003 and duly registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) – formerly known as the Registry of Companies and Businesses of Singapore (RCB or ROC). It was also in the same year that it was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines.

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