GIMS Philippines Forged Alliance with ACTEC-BAY Group

GIMS Philippines has forged partnership with the ACTEC-BAY group as exclusive provider of Dementia Care Books for their Aged-care course specializing in dementia. A big jump start for 2019.

ACTEC-BAY offers specialized 120 hour Aged-care course with dementia to both graduates and current students of NCII Caregivers. GIMS Philippines partners with them as a provider of training materials such as the Dementia Care Books. These are dependable tools that helps professional caregivers even family members to perform effective elderly care that is tailored towards Asian culture. Dementia Care Introduction, Dementia Care Practice and Dementia Care Management are loaded with up-to-date information in clear, easy-to-understand, and practically useful approach. Authors are experts in the field of dementia care science who are based in Japan.  It has been known that Japan as a super aged country in the world has produced many experts in the elderly care field. Along with ACTEC-Bay training, these books will definitely empowers the professional caregivers with appropriate knowledge that would make them customize an effective care approach depending on the clients needs.

Additionally, caregivers who get the chance to read and be trained using these books will have a high chance of passing the Dementia Care Expert Examination (DCE) this year 2019 because  questionnaires are taken from these books. The DCE exam is a prerequisite to be a Certified Dementia Care Expert giving a professional  caregiver great advantage among other graduates of general Aged-care course.


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