DEMENTIA DESIGN CARE – Dementia Care & Design Thinking

We are inviting you to attend a FREE class on “DEMENTIA DESIGN CARE – Dementia Care & Design Thinking” By Mr. Junichi Jack Fukui and his team on April 15 (Thursday) at 7pm Philippine Standard Time. This is an online class for Dementia Care with Design Thinking. What is “Design Thinking”? Design thinking is a designers’ work process that can help us systematically extract, teach, learn and apply human-centered techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. Dementia care should be based on “Person-Centered” care. Thus we can apply Design thinking method in dementia care. In addition, you can learn and develop the online collaborating tool which is MIRO. You can improve your creativity and innovative thinking through this class. Japanese instructors will teach you and create with you what is considered as the new style of Dementia care. Message us if you are interested.

“DEMENTIA DESIGN CARE – Dementia Care & Design Thinking” is a FREE online class for Dementia Care. This will be regularly conducted by Mr. Jack Fukui in Collaboration with the IFDC and supported by the GIMS International Group. If you want to join please message us.